Sunday, August 31, 2014



My car has served its useful life ... Finding suitable resting place

INDIA  ..... One finds everyday many old vehicles on road sides and some lying in garages of the  owners and have become unfit to be roadworthy , just collecting dust and rusting metal. The owners of such vehicles are looking for disposal of such vehicles and are looking for proper way of doing so.


We hereby are suggesting them that they make a checklist for disposal of such vehicles. First being making record of the event and keeping the same in your records.

  1.     Take photographs of the vehicle from all sides to make a record of the same.
  2.      Take photographs of engine and Chassis numbers.
  3.      Take photograph of the registration certificate of the vehicle.

After making such records he should proceed with disposal process. One should bear in mind that since their vehicles are registered with registration authorities with identification records of the vehicle, thereby informing the registration authorities is one more step. You need to inform the registration authority with request for cancellation of registration of the vehicle.  The copy of cancelled registration  will be required by the salvage buyers/ dismantlers of your vehicle. One should also check for refund on the registration taxes with the authorities and should claim the same is same is applicable.

One may call the local salvage buyers and seek their quotes or may advertise in local dailies or may advertise on the web with the details of their scrap vehicle. You will find it interesting that you may get some value out of junked item. The same will be recycled by the dismantlers and thereby will be serving the nation .  One should seek quote always on “ AS IS WHERE IS BASIS”.

One should maintain the record of the buyer of junk/salvage and his identity and address proof should be obtained and kept in record.