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While buying used cars the common parameters used by the buyers are 
  • Check the condition of the vehicle 
  • Check for marks which show any major accidental repairs
  • Check for vehicle documents and they should be in order
  • Check for NOC if vehicle registered in other state
Now the more smarter buyers will be taking extra precautions by checking with the NCRB (National Crimes Records Bureau ) by visiting their site at and going to vehicle enquiry at URL  and if the site confirms that the vehicle is not involved in crime or theft it is assumed that the vehicle is a clean vehicle and deals are made.


  • Merely certification from the NCRB will still not be solving the purpose. One should try to be in contact with the original registered owner of the vehicle and if possible should check the registration details from registration authority also. At present some of the RTO's have made the registration data available on their web sites also and one can check the details from the same and same should be matching with the documents being made available by the seller.
  • Do not depend on others and take some preventive steps by yourself . As a negligence by you may land you in trouble.
  • The thieves of cars had become smarter and had been adopting many new means . One of the way out found out by them was to buy a total loss vehicle and by using the registration documents of the totaled vehicle had been planting the chassis number and engine number details on the stolen vehicle .
This above way is most dangerous for the buyers of used cars as unsuspecting customers.In case the vehicle purchased by them is such a vehicle then law enforcing agencies can be knocking on their doors anytime and they will loose the vehicle as same will be taken by the law enforcing agencies and will not be getting back any payments made.Therefore one should take utmost care for such deals as under ;

1.      One should check on the parts of the vehicle like glasses and one will find that in most of the vehicles the year of manufacture and month of manufacture is written on them. The same should be matching with the year of manufacture of vehicle or should be after the year of manufacture if had been replaced due to some accident. Similarly one can find year and month on many parts like wheel rims,Alternator,Compressor etc. Some parts will be having coded dates of manufacturers and one can take help of authorized workshop personnel in finding the details.
2.     One should check the chassis number location closely and check if their had been any sign of welding and re-welding and painting and any suspected vehicle should be avoided.
3.     Thieves take most of the care in tampering with chassis number but engine number marked on the block of engine may be missed by them as same is hard to reach for checking. One should get the same checked at workshop. One should not get confused with the engine number plate as same can be changed easily by thieves. The engine number punched on the engine block should not show any tampering and the digits should be clear and in proper manner in a symmetrical manner.
4.     Engine and chassis number plate in addition to the same also contains the color code of the vehicle. One should note the same and check with the dealers of vehicle and the same should be matching with the color of the vehicle and color of the vehicle mentioned in the registration certificate.
5.     Wheel rims are another place where you can check the year of manufacture of same and match with the registration certificate.
6.     Finally the buyer should do some surfing on the Google search. First put the registration number and search. Then other details like engine number and chassis number . One should try with chassis number and engine number as first complete Alpha numeric numbers and then with last five digits of the chassis number and engine number. The registration number should also be checked in combinations by using - / etc. There is probability that if the reporting had been made on the web for accident of vehicle or some other way you will be getting the information for the same and can decide yourself. If you find some serious matter the same should be brought to the notice of nearest police authorities for them to investigate the matter.
7.     If you are buying the items on used cars web sites then you should first check if they are displaying the registration details on their listing and the details of the seller. You should take a print of the published material on the site before proceeding further.Physical inspection in all cases is must.
Total loss vehicles come in open market for sale by insurance companies and insurance companies publish the tender for the same in newspapers and most of the newspapers are having web presence and data is hosted on web and thereby it is likely that the search of such vehicle may be found on the web.Insurance companies are at present not maintaining the data of all such vehicles settled by them for total loss and also thereby are not sharing the same on web for the common masses in INDIA.


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