Saturday, April 9, 2011


What will you call a buyer of this vehicle ....... A Kabadi or Salvage dealer

How about buyer of this vehicle buying it using e auction online on net  from his Air conditioned Office 

POSITIVELY ...... Not Kabadi  who makes roundabouts in our lanes on bicycle

BUT ..... As Salvage buyer ...... And if has established businessman  as M/S ......XYZ  &  Sons .... having office and staff.

Insurance salvage used to be purchased by Kabadis and were being looked as uneducated and ill-literate persons in INDIA.

In present times unemployment has forced many young graduates to lookout in many new fields and one such field is sale and purchase of  salvage and scrap material. The field is highly paying provided the person has right approach. Many a persons feel hesitant to join this field and make it their profession as being termed as Kabadi in locality is never liked and is taken as downgrading of status in INDIA.

Now with modernization and with the IT use they have now the option to join the field with dignity and respect in the INDIAN society . They can instead of running in markets for the look out of salvage and scrap can now find the same from the comfort of their home or offices using the services available through the web. Many salvage and scrap disposal sites are working in INDIA also and one of the site is being even run by the Govt. of India conducting e auctions through MSTC. In insurance sector also some private players related to insurance had been giving competition in field of e auctions like isalvageauction , salvagemanagers , salvagesettlers , salvageindia , autoauction etc.

Young and energetic persons can now opt for this field and make handsome profits from the deals . They should however watch and explore all such e auction systems. They should first study the terms and conditions of each site and after satisfaction only proceed with the web based systems. They should also make contacts with insurance companies officials of their area and surveyors and loss assessors and open channels with them for salvage available and mode of settlement.

The main part lies with the valuation of the salvage and only experienced players can make profit out of deals and value of salvage depends on many factors like market value of item, repairs costs, availability of vehicle documents, scrap value of parts and so on.

Suggested way to enter in the field is to have some experience with and established player in the field and if you have added knowledge of net you will prove an asset to the established players who though are well established may not be familiar with e auctions etc. Once one gain experience in the field and has added advantage of knowledge of computers and e auctions then he can make handsome profits and above all will have good standing in society as salvage/scrap dealer and not as KABADI.